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1. You must have a knitting blog, where you talk about knitting. Simply being a blogger who knits isn't enough, you must actively post about knitting. It's ok to post about other crafty stuff, too.

2. a. To stay a member of the ring you must post regularly. For our purposes regularly will be at least once a week. If you fail to post once within two weeks, you will be moved back to the queue.
b. If you get moved back the queue, I will keep checking your site until you post and then I will move you back into the ring. However, if you continue not to post, you will be completely deleted from the ring. I will not do this unless it has been 2 months since you last posted.
c. You can always submit your site again if you get removed, we don't hold grudges. (but you better have posted since being removed if you expect to be added back!)

3. The ring code must be visible from the page where your blog is located, not on any other pages. The goal is to be able to hit "previous" and "next" from one blog and arrive immediately at another blog, being able to see the "previous" and "next" links. If you have frames and don't want to direct link to your blog page, I'm afraid you can't be in the ring.

4. Only blogs written in english will be accepted. This is simply because if I don't understand what you're writting, I'm not going to link to you! It could be kiddie porn for all I know and I will not take the chance.

5. You will receive a message from RingSurf with your Ring Code and Ring ID. PLEASE KEEP THIS MESSAGE for your records!

6. You have one week from the time you submit your site to get your ring code up and running correctly. After that time I will delete you from the ring and you will have to resubmit if you still want to be a member.

7. All these rules were set up to make my life easier. I want you all to have fun, but I want to have fun, too!

Please feel free to email me (penosaco(at) or post comments on my blog ( if you have any questions.

Knitting Bloggers Ring HTML Code

This is the code you need to enter on your site before you will be accepted into the ring. Highlight it and hit copy, then paste it into your blog page, making sure to put the correct SITE ID into the code where it says ***SITE ID***.

Please do not link to the graphic here, it won't show up on your page. Right click and save it to your own server or to a free image hosting site. Thanks!
Alternately, you can replace the graphic with the words "Knitting Bloggers" if you can't get pictures hosted on your server for whatever reason.

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